McFarland was born and raised in the Evergreen State of Washington, and still has the love for the great outdoors.  With four boys to raise, he has taught them about the beauty of north eastern Washington where they spend as much time as possible being around family and friends.  The business is located in Puyallup Washington where he has lived for many years including some rural areas near Puyallup.  He started his trade at an early age and has strived to keep the quality of his work in top form.  For the last twenty years he has been the go-to-guy for automotive upholstery whether it be a muscle car, classic mazda usa or a rare vintage exotic ride.  He has been featured in many Hot Rod magazines for his high quality of excellence.  Check out the link above, "as seen in" for a few of the magazine issues he has been in.  When clicking on the title of the magazine, it will take you to the original articles within the magazine.  Just recently, a Ferrari was featured at the prestige's Pebble Beach Concours which took Best in Show.